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Have you ever became involved in a relationship with someone, then discovered a secret about their past relationships that they did not tell you about? Maybe that person was abusive towards you. Maybe that person had trouble committing to you and began to cheat. Or maybe there was just a difference between your interests and theirs. If that information would have been provided to you before you started a relationship with that person, would you have begun a relationship with that person anyway?

In this day and age, more and more people are meeting each other and starting relationships online. Sometimes its through Social Media, Dating Sites or some form of Dating Apps. Today there is an estimated 40 million people using some form of online dating. It has also been estimated that over 50 percent of the people who try online dating, lie on their dating profile. Which brings up the question, how well do you really know the person that you are thinking about starting a relationship with?

At HistoryEx.com we strive to provide you with information from past relationships, provided by the people who were in a relationship with the person that you are interested in. In doing this, we hope to provide our users with the information that they need to make a better informed decision in regards to their dating life.

If you have been involved in a relationship and have information about that relationship, that you feel would be important to anyone who is thinking about dating your ex, fill out our anonymous questionnaire and submit it to the website. Your questionnaire will be available for anyone to search for. 

 At HistoryEx.com, we hope to make the dating world a safer and more reliable place for singles who are looking to start a relationship by giving credit to the upright daters, while holding the unsuitable daters accountable for their actions.