Whats new? We are!!! Thank you for visiting HistoryEx.com. This website is focused on bringing a special service to 2 groups of people. Those who are single and thinking about starting a relationship with someone, and those who just got out of a relationship with someone.

Over the past several months, we have been getting a lot of questions from users in other countries about when HistoryEx.com will be available to them. We are happy to announce that after testing the site with a new style of entry form and making that form compatible with the form used for previous entries, we now have a working version for our users in other countries. We want to thank you for your patience with this and hope that this service is useful to everyone across the globe. Fell free to share HistoryEx.com with your friends and help us make the dating world a safer place for singles.   

There are a lot of important things to consider if you are single and thinking about starting a relationship with someone. One of those things to consider is, was this person abusive in their past relationships? It has been estimated that nearly half of all abusive relationships go unreported to the police. That means that there was never a police report filed, an arrest made or any court documents that you would be able to view before making the decision to date that person. Without personally knowing that person’s Ex, you may start a relationship with that person, never knowing what they are like until you are already dating them. Another important thing to consider is, if that person has a history of cheating. Just like unreported abuse, if you do not personally know that person’s Ex, it makes it very hard to determine if that person is a cheater or not. In most relationships that end with one of the parties cheating, the faithful person takes to social media to warn others of their partner’s unwillingness to commit to one person. Only to have their post buried within a matter of minutes by more recent posts. Making it almost impossible for you to see, without going directly to that person’s page. At History Ex, we try to simplify things to get you the information that you need about someones past relationships to help you make a safer and more informed decision regarding your dating life. We do this by allowing you to search our website for that person’s name. If there has been a questionnaire filled out about that person, by their ex, it will be provided to you for your consideration. We hope that this information will inform you about what that person is like during a relationship. 

If you just got out of a relationship with someone, your experience in that relationship is important to us and our users. The questionnaire that you fill out can serve as a warning or reassurance to someone that is thinking about starting a relationship with your Ex. If you have any information about your Ex that you feel is important to anyone who is thinking about dating your Ex, feel free to fill out or anonymous questionnaire about your relationship with that person. Just click on the box labeled “Tell Us About Your Ex”. A questionnaire will be provided for you to fill out. We ask that you be honest and refrain from making any posts based off rumor or speculation. Please make all posts professional. It may be tempting to only post bad things about your Ex, but if there was anything good about them, please include it too. Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Maybe the two of you were just at different places in your lives. There are many “good” relationships that come to an end for one reason or another. Please, let us know about these relationships too. People deserve to know what the person, that they’re interested in dating, is really like before becoming committed to that person. With your help, we hope to make the dating world a safer and more reliable place for singles by giving credit to the upright daters, while holding the unsuitable daters accountable for their actions.